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More than three decades of publishing

The Entertainment Magazine published as a tablid newspaper from 1978 through 1995 when the newspaper went online as as one of the first newspapers in Arizona to publish on the Internet.

Originally, the first publication was a pamphlet produced in December 1977 by Robert Zucker, a newly graduated journalist from the University of Arizona.

Robert Zucker developed and produced one of the nation's first newspapers for youth, Youth Awareness Press (later became Tucson Teen), and Entertainment Magazine, a regional guide of entertainment in Tucson and phoenix areas. Supervised and trained hundreds of students through internships. Managed marketing, distribution, promotions and public relations. Developed and managed large scale events - such as indoor/outdoor concerts, weekend Mardi Gras carnivals, teen dances, movie screenings and conferences.

The handout was an event and activity guide distributed to hundreds of youth who lived in group homes and went to community centers. The first newspaper tabloid edition was published through the Tucson YWCA in the summer of 1978 called Youth Alternatives Press.

The YWCA continued to sponsor the youth newspaper project, directed by Zucker, for several more years with funding from the United Way of Tucson, Pima Community Juvenile Justice Collaboration, Youth Services Bureau and other local Tucson, Arizona organizations.

The Youth Alternatives Press became Youth Awareness Press with additional funding from city, state and federal grants.

Hundreds of youth had been involved with the newspaper project over the decades. They learned skills in writing, reporting, newspaper design and operations.

The pubishing project also sponsored special events to raise funds during the late 1970's and 1980's. The Gazebo Teen Night Club, Tucson Mardi Gras and numerous club and movie benefits helped support the publishing costs.

Robert E. Zucker Publishing:

The early staff of the youth newspaper Youth Awareness Press. Photo taken about 1979 at the Tucson YWCA basement.

When public grants became scarce in the 1980s, Zucker began advertising as a source of revenue for the publication and the youth project. The publication was then titled Tucson Teen.

A sister publiction for the entire community, Entertainment Magazine, was published to expand readership and content.

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Zucker instructs in web publishing

From 1992 through 2006, Robert Zucker was also an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Arizona Department of Journalism. His earlier courses covered the principles and concepts of designing and producing newspapers and desktop publishing.

As the Internet became a growing presences in 1995, his course covered new technologies used in journalism, publishing web sites and researching on the Internet. He developed the Department of Journalism web site in 1995.

During his time at the UA, he provided technical maintenance of the department's computer lab and assisted in budget planning, grant writing and recommendations for computer hardware and software purchases.

In mid 1995 through 2006, Robert Zucker also was employed by Pima Community College to manage the journalism department computer lab. He later became advisor to the college newspaper, The Aztec Press, developed the department's web site and started a course in web publishing.

In the early 1980's, the monthly newspaper was produced from the publisher's house. Many late nights were spent by the staff piecing together each edition to distribute at the beginning of the month to hundreds of locations throughout Tucson. Photos from 1980.

Above (left to right) publisher Robert Zucker, editors Becky Corbett and Kaye Boyd
below: (right) Kaye Boyd, publisher Robert Zucker and Becky Corbett.

Robert Zucker also provided consultation and production assistance to several Tucson and Phoenix publisher's in the start up and maintenance of their newspapers:

  • Who's Who (1977), community newspaper published to focus on local shakers-and-movers.
  • Good News (1985), Christian family monthly newspaper published by local radio station.
  • Ave Fenix (1986-92), Spanish language Phoenix-published newspaper distributed throughout Arizona and Mexico
  • Sin Fronteras (1995-96), Spanish language Tucson-published newspaper for regional.
  • Echo Recycler (1995), local radio station and City of Tucson recycling publication.
  • The Roadhouse (1995-96), a local music publication.

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