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Robert Zucker recently published a new book on Kabbalah with instructions to create a Kabbalah Wheel. Read sample chapters and download a free PDF sample of "Kabbalah's Secret Circles."

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Robert Edward ZuckerIntroduction to Kabbalah

Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah have always played a part in my life. My interest in the occult began while in high school. Now, as I get ready to retire, it is time to share that knowledge with others.

During my college years, three manuscripts on parapsychology and Jewish mysticism were produced for college credit in five different University departments (psychology, sociology, anthropology, Judaic studies and journalism) from 1975-77. In the late 1980s, I designed an easy way to organize the information using early Apple computers. Some of the material on this website was originally written in 1976 as part of that three-year college study program. Now, after 30 years, it is updated with new findings and made publically available through my new book, "Kabbalah's Secret Circles," available for a free download sample (see link below).

Anyone interested in the Kabbalah can keep posted through this website (

If you study Kabbalah in Tucson, Arizona, and interested in obtaining a copy of my new book, "Kabbalah's Secret Circles," or know of any active Kabbalah Study Groups or classes, email: [email protected]

Download Free PDF of my new book on Kabbalah, Sefer Raziel & Book of Creation, "Kabbalah's Secret Circles." Learn how to create a Kabbalah Wheel to decipher the 231 Gates!


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  • "Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation in Theory and Practice" by Aryeh KaplanThis is perhaps the most authoritative English text on the study of the "Sefer Yetzirah" or Book of Formantion (Book of Creation) available. Kaplan's explanations are easy to understand and make sense. A must have manual for anyone ready to decifer this ancient manuscript. Paperback: 398 pages. Publisher: Weiser Books; Rev Sub edition (May 1997).
  • Decoding the Past - Secrets of Kabbalah (History Channel)Kabbalah DVD. An ancient inspirational form of Jewish mysticism Kabbalah has now reached cult-like popularity among celebrities and throughout America. Once exclusively reserved for study by ultra-religious male scholars of Judaism Kabbalah has recently become known as a multi-million dollar celebrity-endorsed phenomenon. Running Time: 50 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE.
  • On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism (Mysticism & Kabbalah)Kabbalah Author: Gershom Gershom Scholem, who died in 1982, remains the biggest gun in kabbalah scholarship, and On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism is perhaps his most accessible book on the subject. It contains definitive essays on the relation of the Torah to Jewish mysticism, the mythology of the kabbalah, and the place of Jewish mystics in the Jewish community.
  • More books on Kabbalah at The Kabbalah Shoppe


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