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These pages are excerpts from a new book on Kabbalah, by Robert Zucker, with instructions to create a golem using a Kabbalah Wheel. Read more pages and download a free PDF sample of "Kabbalah's Secret Circles."

Creating a Golem with Permutation and combinations of the letters

One of the major meditative methods in Kabbalah, and the process used in the creation of a golem, is manipulaing the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and reciting them. This section explores the various techniques used by the ancient Kabbalists to produce their magical effects.In combination

Using the Hebrew letters instead of English letters is morfe effective, since the Hebrew letters are closer to the source. The sounds, though, are very similar. An "A" in Hebrew is the same "ah" sound as the "A" in English.

Teruf: Letter Combination

Combining and permutating the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with specific breathing techniques and contemplation on specific body centers produces ecstacy almost immediately. The continuous, monotonous repetition of letters and sounds excites the mind, rather than dulls it. This is done in combination with various bodily and breathing techniques. This Hebrew letter combination technique is called Tzeruf.


Gemaria is a technique where  each letter is given a numerical value and other words with same value are equivalent of the originals.


Temurah, Form of cryptic writing which substitutions are made for letters according to one code or another.

Notariqon- (notarikon) combining letters

ATBASH is most common form where first letter is substituted for the last letter of the alphabet, the second for the penultimate, etc.

ALBAM is a similar form of substitution, where the first letter is replaced by the twelth, the second by the thirteenth, etc.

AVGAD is a form where each letter is replaced by the one succedding it so that a=b, b=c, etc.


AQ BEKER; The Qabalah of 9 Chambers

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