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Robert Zucker published a new book on Kabbalah with selections from "Chaya Ha Olam Ha'Ba" and instructions to create a Kabbalah Wheel. See more pages on "Kabbalah's Secret Circles" download a free PDF sample and purchase the full book on Amazon. The following is an excerpt from the book regarding Abraham Abulafia.

"Life in the World to Come" Circles

Chaye HaOlam HaBa / VeZot Li'Yehudah - Rabbi Avraham AbulafiThe "Shem HaShani"

The founder of the school of “Prophetic Kabbalah,” Abraham ben Shmuel Abulafia, was considered a master of tzeruf (letter combinations) during late the 1200’s in Spain.

Meditation performed by a pure human being on any letter was just like meditating on the entire Creation, he claimed.


In 1289, Abulafia produced a commentary on the SEFER YETZIRAH in his work called GAN NAUL (THE LOCKED GARDEN). OHR HA-SECHEL (LIGHT OF THE INTELLECT) is Abulafia’s handbook on meditation with concepts from Maimonides’ GUIDE OF THE PERPLEXED (MOREH NEVUCHIM), the ancient BOOK OF CREATION (SEFER YETZIRAH) and Eleazar of Worms' BOOK OF THE NAME (Sefer Ha-Shem).

This is from a page (out of 30 pages) translated fromAbraham Abulafia's Jewish mystical work called "Chaye Ha Olam Haba" (Life in the World to Come).

Abulafia produces 120 circles across 30 pages. Each circle contains 9 letters for a total of 1080 letters. Start upper right, follow each circle counterclockwise from the arrow.

Some claim this is a method to enliven a golem, while others say it is merely a meditative system.

H = Middle of the Head
A = Middle of the End
L = Head of the End
V = End of the End....

Chaye HaOlam HaBa / VeZot Li'Yehudah - Rabbi Abraham Abulafi

There seem to be some common content between Abulafia's book and the "Sefer Raziel HaMelech," especially in the description of the 72 names of the angels (based on the 3 lines of Exodus 14:19-21).

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