Kabbalah: Chayye Ha Olam HaBa

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By Robert Zucker

Kabbalah's Secret Circles
These pages are excerpts from a new book on Kabbalah, by Robert Zucker, with instructions to create a Kabbalah Wheel and Abraham Abulafia's techniques. Read more pages and download a free PDF sample of "Kabbalah's Secret Circles."

Chaye Ha Olam Ha Ba

"Life in the After Life or in the World To Come," Chaye Ha'Olam Ha Ba is a Jewish mystical study on the 72 Names of the Holy Angels. Chaye HaOlam HaBa / VeZot Li'Yehudah is Rabbi Avraham Abulafia's (1240-c.1291) opus work on Kabbalah.

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Kabbalah's Secret CirclesKabbalah's Secret Circles 

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