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Robert E. Zucker is an author, an internet and newspaper publisher, and a former college journalism instructor.

Robert ZuckerIn the late 1970s through 1990s, Zucker published the Youth Alternatives, Youth Awareness Press, Tucson Teen, Magazine and Entertainment Magazine tabloid newspapers. Since 1995, Robert publishes online at (Entertainment Magazine On Line). Read the story behind the publishing.

Robert taught print and internet publishing courses for over a dozen years at the University of Arizona Department of Journalism in Tucson (now the School of Journalism). He also taught at Pima Community College Journalism Department and was the advisor for the student newspaper, the Aztec Press. At both the UA and PCC, Bob launched the department's web sites in the mid1990s and maintained the department Apple computer labs.

Robert has been the president and CEO of BZB Publishing, LLC. since 2006 when BZB Publishing acquired the newspaper titles and web site properties of The Entertainment Magazine, Tucson Teen, and

As an author, Robert has been compiling history of the local area and has published several books through BZB that are available on Amazon. Archives of newspapers and books are found through the following links:

Robert E. Zucker
P.O. Box 91317
Tucson, Arizona USA 85752
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Author Speaking Presentations

Robert E. Zucker is available for books talks and presentations on Tucson's entertainment history, and the history and legends of the Santa Catalina Mountains, as well as subjects in parapsycholofy, dream awareness, astral proejection and Kabbalah. See recent and upcoming author events.

Published Books:

These books are available in print and in Kindle electronic format. Read chapters from these books, download free PDF samples from the book and purchase online through To order directly from Robert, call 520-623-3733, use your MasterCard, VISA, Discovery or AM Express card.

  • Treasures of the Santa Catalinas
    Discover the lost legends and history of the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson– the Iron Mine Mine, the Tucson Gold Rush of the 1880s, and many other stories from the past. Over 400 pages with over 1,000 footnotes for further reading. ISBN: 978-1-939050-00-7 (paperback and Kindle).
  • Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades
    The Tucson entertainment music scene from the 1950s through the 1990s is covered in three-volumes with over 700 pages filled with interviews, newspaper articles and original photographs. Thousands of musicians listed. ISBN: 978-1939050069 (paperback and Kindle).
  • Kabbalah's Secret Circles
    The history and legends of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah (Qabalah). Explanations of secretive myths and contents of several mystical books. Instructions are given to devise a homemade Kabbalah Wheel to spin the 231 Gates. ISBN: 978-193905014-4 (print and Kindle).
  • Twilight of Consciousness
    Explore your dreams and awaken to the astral world with techniques that have induced Astral Projection and dream awareness experiences. ISBN: 978-1-939050-20-5 (paperback)
  • Traveling Show
    A collection of poetry written during the early 1970s through 1980s about the many people who pass through ones life and how their traveling shows impact the people they meet. Autobiographical. ISBN: 978-1-939050-00-7 (electronic). ISBN: 978-1-939050-00-4 (print)
  • Tucson Gold Rush 1880 is in preparation for a publication in 2019 or 2020. It is the story of the search for gold in the Cañada del Oro (Canyon of Gold) and the Lost Iron Door Mine.
  • Buffalo Bill’s Mining
    ISBN: 978-1-939050-70-0 (sheet map, flat poster)
  • Print to Pixels is in preparation to document the period of time publishing the Youth Alternatives, Youth Awareness Press, The Magazine, and The Entertainment Magazine, and the progression to the Internet with in 1995.

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In search of hard-to-find and out-of-print books? The Robert Zucker Collection on Amazon has hundreds of books available for sale from his personal library.

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